Twitter Enables Sharing of Topic List

Twitter is adding new ways to improve tweet discovery. The platform expanded ads on feeds and rolled out lists options. Today, Twitter enables the sharing of a topic list.

Topic List is a collection of Twitter categories. Last 06 November 2019, Twitter allowed users to follow a topic list. Once you followed a topic list, the feeds on the list are visible to you and your Twitter friends. The update allows a user to share a topic list via DMs, other key discussions, or tweets. It’s easy as a click on the share icon on a topic page. Once a topic list is shared, it will show in a generic thumbnail. Twitter may be updating that in the future.

Twitter enables sharing topic list as of 22 October 2020.

Implications for Marketers:

Sharing a topic list is a new way to boost the discovery of a Twitter post. For marketers, this can be an option to uplift campaigns. You can upload product posts and tag them on relevant topics. Then, group them on a topic list and sharing it with groups. This can effectively build a brand community.



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