Twitter Expands Ads on Feeds and Updates Algorithm

On 30 April 2020, Twitter published its 1st Quarter Earning Report. The review showed a 27% decline in its total advertising revenue. This is an effect of the COVID-19 pandemic. So, there’s a need to ramp up on the new normal. As such, Twitter expands ads on feeds and updates algorithm. 

Twitter Expands Ads on Feeds and Updates Algorithm

Recently, users will notice an increase in ads showing on Twitter feeds. One may see around 6 slots or so of promotion feeds. These feeds refresh every minute. When asked, Twitter noted that they’re slowly upping ads on feeds to experiment ways to address the slow ad spend.

At the same time, Twitter updates its algorithm process. This aims to show more relevant feeds based on a user’s behavior. Before the update, Twitter used an offline batch processing of feeds that refreshed around 7 days. As of 23 June 2020, Twitter adopts the Kappa streaming to reduce refreshing the updates into 1 day. This measure is to provide a better user experience from constantly changing behaviors of its audiences.

Implications for Marketers:

As Twitter expands ads on feeds and updates its algorithm process, users can expect a better experience in the platform. For marketers, this is an opportunity to promote brands by boosting exposure.  We suggest tweeting more frequently and optimizing posting time. Actively engage on Twitter chats, retweets, and tags. The key is to appreciate the platform’s uniqueness. And use it to level up your marketing plan.


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