Twitter Allows Scheduling 10 Spaces Broadcasts at Once

 Twitter Allows Scheduling 10 Spaces Broadcasts at Once

After Twitter’s live test of Edit Tweet, the focus has shifted to Spaces. Twitter Spaces seems like a niche service—beneficial to those who use it, but the number of regular users is shrinking, not growing.

The ability to arrange numerous Spaces at once is a common feature request from individuals who utilize Spaces.

Twitter now lets broadcasters plan up to 10 Spaces 30 days in advance.

 Twitter Allows Scheduling 10 Spaces Broadcasts at Once

Spaces broadcasts have been available for over a year, but now you can book numerous sessions. If you’re a Spaces advocate who spends hours listening each week, you can now include that into your plans and keep your audience aware of forthcoming audio events.

Despite waning interest in social audio following the Clubhouse-led surge last year, Twitter has stayed dedicated to Spaces development, offering new features and tools to enhance Spaces functioning and connecting users with more relevant broadcast alerts through the Spaces tab.

Twitter is renaming the Spaces tab “Audio” after adding podcasts last month.

That might enhance the Spaces experience by allowing Twitter to properly classify Spaces broadcasts alongside existing pods, optimizing exposure and highlighting more relevant Spaces and presenters based on subjects – with podcasts and Spaces being relocated into ‘Stations’ inside the audio tab.

Twitter allows the scheduling of 10 Spaces broadcasts at once on 7 September 2022.

Implications to Marketers:

Spaces scheduling could also play a big part in attracting new listeners.


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