Twitter‌ ‌Tests‌ ‌Sharing‌ ‌Tweets‌ ‌with‌ ‌Selected‌ ‌Audiences‌

Twitter now focuses on building a better user experience. To add an extra level of safety, the platform enabled security keys. For better viewing of accurate data and news, it is testing warning alerts about possible misinformation. To promote privacy among users, it also enabled mention controls. As a follow-up step to user privacy, Twitter tests sharing tweets with selected audiences.

Twitter Communities

As opposed to followers seeing every tweet, Twitter is now testing two options to limit tweet views among selected audiences. First, Twitter added a feature called “Communities.” This allows a user to share tweets on a selected group.

Twitter audiences

Second, a new “My Facets” feature allows users to share tweets in a different context – family, friends, work, public, etc.

Twitter audiences

Third, the “Variable Audience” option allows users to share tweets either to everyone or trusted friends only.

Twitter tests sharing tweets with selected audiences on 05 July 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Sharing tweets with selected audiences allows users to engage in more valuable conversations. For marketers, it eliminates the need to create different Twitter profiles for every target group. Using the “Facets” feature, brands can create different personas to connect to their audiences. As such, they can post different topics based on the interests and preferences of each person’s group.


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