Pinterest Shows New eCommerce Data of Pinners

Pinterest Ecommerce Data

The pandemic made a swing in our lives in so many ways. Buying on physical stores transform into online shopping. To give us better insight, Pinterest shows new eCommerce data of pinners. Such data can be an eye-opener for businesses to shift their strategy into digital marketing.

Pinterest Shows New eCommerce Data of Pinners

Pinterest new eCommerce data shows the following statistics:

  • Online grocery shopping is a new concept to 65% of pinners;
  • But because pinners  have early adoption to tech, they have a higher online shopping usage;
  • From February to March 2020, Pinterest’s online purchases rise to nearly 70%;
  • Of these, 7 out of 10 pinners do online grocery shopping every 2 weeks. That’s more than 14% compared to non-pinners.

So, what do these data mean? This means that Pinterest is not an exemption to the reality of marketing shifts today. Since shelter-in-place orders began, people can’t go to physical stores to buy their needs.  They then resorted to online grocery shopping. And since the lockdown period extends in time, people get convenient for online shopping.

Pinterest publishes the new eCommerce data of pinners on 15 June 2020.

Implications for Marketers:

The new eCommerce data of Pinterest shows the rising demand for online shopping. This is an important trend that brands should take note of. Marketers should now focus on targeting conversions online. And Pinterest is one platform where they could reach online shoppers. As such, they should aim on building a relationship with pinners and making digital shopping simple. For now, groceries are in-demand but moving forward, even household and lifestyle items can be a potential.


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