Pinterest Launches the “TwoTwenty” Team

Pinterest is joining the rat race when it comes to AR and VR. Today, Pinterest launches the “TwoTwenty” team. It will facilitate new product discovery to boost eCommerce within the platform. After getting a brand safety certification from TAG and MRC accreditation, it is now time for the platform to innovate.

Pinterest TwoTwenty logo

TwoTwenty, Pinterest’s first product incubator team. Composed of start-up-minded creators, engineers, and product thinkers, the team is dedicated to building and developing future inspirational products. They will also experiment with new technologies and unlock market trends. 

TwoTwenty’s mission is to help pinners turn their ideas into reality. One of the very first ideas is Pinterest TV. TwoTwenty will be collecting ideas via a portal called Idea Factory and Makeathons

Pinterest launches the “TwoTwenty” team on 16 November 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Pinterest’s TwoTwenty team can accelerate eCommerce within the platform. Marketers should wait and see how they can utilize new ideas and turn them into real strategies.


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