Pinterest Enables Profiles Tab on Pin Search

Pinterest is now set to be an eCommerce platform. After forming the Two Twenty team to concentrate on innovating on eCommerce tools, the platform introduced a lot of updates. It rolled out Idea Pin replies and the Set Up Shop guide. The platform also acquired “Vochi” for video editing. Today, Pinterest enables profiles tab on pin search.

Pinterest profile search

Discover Creators’ Profiles

Pinterest now makes it easier to discover Creators’ Profiles within the platform. They can now be discovered on Pinterest search by means of their profile name and the content that they create. This is by enabling the profiles tab beside the Explore and Shop tabs under the search box. So, let your content lead followers into your Pinterest account. All creators need to do is to continue creating relevant pins. 

Pinterest enables profiles tab on pin search as of 07 January 2022

Implications for Marketers: 

Pinterest’s profiles tab can significantly help marketers boost discovery through their ads and campaigns. By creating relevant and valuable pin content, brands will surely get the attention of their target pinners through search.


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