Pinterest Announces A Series of Shopping and Advertising Updates

Pinterest Announces A Series of Shopping and Advertising Updates

Two weeks ago, Pinterest added another language as a user option to make it easier for people from all over the world to get new ideas in Hebrew. Today, Pinterest kicks on with another set of updates as part of its second annual “Pinterest Presents” global advertiser summit.

Pinterest Announces A Series of Shopping and Advertising Updates

The fresh Your Shop display will reveal the most recent items and offers relying on the user’s best interest. Pinterest is also giving Shopify merchants a new direct, in-app checkout option, which will make it more convenient to shift from inspiration to purchase without interfering with the user’s in-app experience. 

The application also introduced Shopping API, which is intended to make it smoother for sellers to publish their product catalogs, which will fuel their Pin product listings. Pinterest is also working to improve its paid partnership method in terms of facilitating branded content deals.

Pinterest announces a series of shopping and advertising updates on 14 March 2022.

Implication for Marketers:

The updates may result in more users leveraging through on more products in-stream, with the app’s algorithms constantly improving in order to provide ever-more appealing product matches for each user. By using the application for their business, marketers will be able to reach more potential buyers for their products. Another benefit for marketers is that more users will result in more impulse purchases and shopping activity. Additionally, more opportunities for creators to monetize their content in the app, as well as brands leveraging their expertise in Pin formats, will be made available.


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