NFL Draft Is Coming to the Clubhouse App

Today, Clubhouse announces its 1st official sports league partnership. The NFL Draft is coming to the Clubhouse App. The app will now be hosting a series of exclusive content for the NFL Draft of 2021. The Clubhouse app is an audio-based and invite-only iOS app. Launched in March 2020, it recorded 13 million downloads during its 1st anniversary. 

NFL Draft Is Coming to the Clubhouse App

The NFL Club will start hosting a series of Clubhouse rooms around the NFL Draft. These rooms include a fan mock Draft, debriefs, pre-draft assessment of prospective NFL players, the University of Alabama’s football team alumni, etc. The app will also feature key NFL figures such as athletes, coaches, and network personalities. Fans with a Clubhouse account can join a room to listen to the conversation. They can also be invited to ask questions or share reactions to the NFL Draft.

The NFL Draft is coming to the Clubhouse App on 26 April 2021.

Implications for Marketers:

Clubhouse’s partnership with the NFL Draft reflects an emerging business strategy. Sports channels have been a popular interest among people today. Featuring NFL on the Clubhouse app allows marketers to create content deals with major sports leagues to boost awareness and conversion. 



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