New ‘Sales Insights’ From LinkedIn

LinkedIn has launched a new tool called ‘Sales Insights’ in the LinkedIn Sales Solutions portfolio for users across the platform to utilize its data. This new tool will provide users an overview of business opportunities based on their exact specifications and plan their sales strategies more effectively. 


As per LinkedIn:

“Imagine logging into LinkedIn Sales Insights and building books of business based upon real-time, accurate data — data that reflects the new normal of remote work, changing roles, and evolving interests — and coupling that data about key accounts with intelligence about who in your sales team has existing connections within those accounts. When assigning books of business based upon this dynamic, real-time data and adding a lens of relationship strength and connectivity to your go-to-market strategy, your sellers can get off to a faster start, knowing that the accounts in their books represent the highest potential opportunities to drive revenue.” 

The Sales Insights tool has a dashboard that lets users look at specific data which could inform their decisions and connections across LinkedIn. With 722 million members on the platform, LinkedIn has been developing tools to help businesses obtain more information. This new tool is set to be widely available by February, with signups for early access ongoing now.

Implications for Marketers:

Marketers and brands alike can take advantage of the insights LinkedIn can provide. Businesses could use their findings to inform their strategies, which could potentially help in growing the business. 



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