Meta Tests “Novi” in WhatsApp

Here’s another cryptocurrency and eCommerce push from Meta. The Facebook Pay team now enables a new mode of cryptocurrency payment in WhatsApp. Last June 2020, Facebook introduced the “Novi” wallet. It housed the “Libra” cryptocurrency of Facebook. Today, Meta tests “Novi” in WhatsApp.

Novi payments

The test is available to a limited number of WhatsApp users based in the USA. Now, they can receive and send money using Novi via WhatsApp without any fee. Novi’s lead, Stephen Kasriel, tweeted that Novi has been in pilot testing for 6 months now. That is why they have learned what features and functions are most important to users. He further noted that using Novi on WhatsApp doesn’t change the end-to-end security of calls and chats in WhatsApp.

Meta tests “Novi” in WhatsApp on 09 December 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

As Meta tests “Novi” in WhatsApp, the company is positive to win more people using it. For marketers, this can open up new opportunities to boost sales using cryptocurrency payment.


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