Meta Files a Lawsuit on Fake Customer Reviews

Meta Files a Lawsuit on Fake Customer Reviews

Just two days ago, Meta shared ideas for Facebook live streams, which is due to a recent Meta blog for creators. It seems like they are also necessary actions for certain issues as the company has recently filed a lawsuit in California regarding the use of fake reviews on Facebook. It’s trying to target fake review sellers who it claims attempted to leverage its systems in ways that will benefit its buyers.

This is the first time Meta has specifically targeted fake review sellers, though it has steadily increased its overall legal enforcement efforts in recent years. In a similar vein, Meta has launched several lawsuits against companies selling Likes and followers. However, reviews haven’t been a major focus, though relatively early this year, Amazon launched legal action against two businesses that reportedly acted as falsified brokerage firms on its platform.

Meta has a Filed Lawsuit on Fake Customer Reviews on 18 March 2022. 

Implication for Marketers:

The lawsuit will create a safer environment for both consumers and marketers who are running their businesses with quality products. This is a big step for bringing more opportunities for marketers who are being outshined by these businesses who use fake reviews. It will also protect the eCommerce field, fighting against scammers and frauds to gain more profit. Since the company offers more features to cater to marketers in eCommerce and brand recommendations, this is a good time for them to take action on such. 


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