Meta Announces Quest Night

Meta Announces Quest Night

Last year, Facebook rebranded into a social tech company. Meta (rebranded Facebook) laid down its metaverse vision to focus on innovating artificial intelligence (AI) with interactive AR and VR. Today, Meta announces Quest Night.

Oculus Quest is Facebook’s AR & VR team. It is dedicated to creating smart AR glasses and headsets plus other AR & VR devices. To boost usage, Facebook recently allowed multiple accounts on its gaming headsets. It also integrated Messenger into VR gaming.

Quest Night is VR game night. Every Tuesday, Meta is encouraging friends to log in and meet up online to play old-fashioned multi-player VR games through Quest. Facebook users can also host a Quest Night by creating a Quest Night party. Meta releases a new trailer showcasing a handful of VR party games to celebrate the announcement. These include:

  • Demeo
  • PokerStars VR
  • Walkabout Midnight

Meta announces Quest Night on 04 March 2022.

Implications for Marketers:

VR gaming surged in popularity on Facebook. They can be a new opportunity for marketers to promote related products and services. Brands whose target audiences include gamers and streamers can benefit a lot from Meta’s Quest Night.


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