Messenger Enables New Shortcuts

Messenger Enables New Shortcuts

Messenger has always been an ally of Facebook. That is why Meta never fails to enhance its features and tools. The platform continuously updates its effects, end-to-end encryption, and expression tools. Today, Messenger enables new shortcuts.

Messenger’s new shortcuts is a new command system that allows users to notify everyone in a chat within just a few strokes.

Messenger Shortcuts


Typing @everyone before you send a message to a group chat will notify all participants about the new message. It is perfect for crowdsourcing, group reminders, impromptu get-togethers, etc.

Messenger Shortcuts


Sending a message with a /silent (also available on Instagram as “@silent”) prevents annoying notifications on a group chat. Users can take advantage of the hashtag when sharing late-night epiphanies without disturbing the peace of all those sleeping.


Typing /gif plus a chosen topic can help users easily discover relevant graphics for a chat.

/shrug or /tableflip

Typing /shrug or /tableflip will show the chosen emoticon. There is no longer a need to copy-paste or search for it.

Messenger Shortcuts


The /Pay shortcut will make it easier to receive and send money through Messenger. At the moment, any transaction made using /Pay id free of charge.

The @everyone and /silent Messenger shortcuts are currently available now for Android & iOS users. The /gif, /shrug or /tableflip Messenger shortcuts are coming soon for iOS users. The /Pay Messenger shortcut is also coming soon for iOS users in the US only. Messenger enables new shortcuts on 29 March 2022.

Implications for Marketers:

Messenger’s new shortcuts simplify the messaging process. For marketers, streamlining messages can boost connection and engagement for a better brand experience.


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