LinkedIn Updates Retargeting Options and Simplified Campaigns

LinkedIn Retargeting Options and Simplified Campaigns

The post-pandemic time is a recovery period for most businesses. To help online investments go further, LinkedIn updates retargeting options and simplified campaigns.

Marketers now have the option to reach users who interacted with their video posts and lead generation ads before. Such changes align with the rise in video engagement amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  The updates allow marketers to:

  • Retarget users who watched a video ad 75% or more;
  • Retarget someone who opens or responds to a Lead Generation form

Brands can then invite them to register with a Sponsored Content ad.

Linkedin also makes it easier for marketers to enable the Audience Network when setting up campaigns. In just one click, a brand’s sponsored content will be visible to this high exposure partner. It also adds contextual brand safety and protection through Integral Ad Science and Pixalate.

These new LinkedIn spins take effect on 02 June 2020.

Implications for Marketers:

LinkedIn’s new retargeting options help businesses reach more of the right professionals. It’s a powerful option to re-connect with those who have expressed interest over their ads and campaigns.  Simplifying campaigns by enabling the Audience Network in just a click broadens an ad’s reach to the right people. For marketers, these are a new way to generate better results and maximize response. The more they should aim to create captivating video content and meaningful campaigns. As such, these options will improve campaign returns on ads spend.


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