LinkedIn Removes “Curious” Reaction Option

LinkedIn Removes "Curious" Reaction Option

LinkedIn has removed the “Curious” reaction option on posts. The feature allowed users to signal to the original poster that they were interested in learning more about the topic. 

LinkedIn Removes

The reaction option was one of several, including “Like”, “Love”, and “Celebrate”, which were introduced in February 2021. The removal of the “Curious” reaction option has been met with mixed reactions from users, with some expressing disappointment and others feeling that it was not widely used. LinkedIn has not yet provided an explanation for the removal of the feature. 

This change is a part of the platform’s ongoing efforts to improve the user experience and engagement on the platform.

LinkedIn removes the “Curious” on 19 January 2023.

Implications to Marketers:

Marketers can appreciate the importance of understanding user engagement and behavior on social media platforms. The removal of the “Curious” reaction option on LinkedIn highlights the platform’s efforts to improve the user experience by removing features that are not widely used. This can be a reminder for marketers to regularly review their strategies and tactics on the platform and adapt to changes or user behavior. Additionally, the article highlights the importance of understanding the different ways users can interact with content on the platform, such as through reactions and comments, and how they can be used to measure engagement and success of campaigns.


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