LinkedIn Publishes Brand and Demand Playbook

There’s a lot of effort made by LinkedIn today to help businesses online. Linked focuses on helping brands map out their strategy within the platform. It published a guide to content marketing last 10 June 2020 in LinkedIn’s Marketing Solution. Then came the Evolving World of Work Insights on 26 June 2020. Furthermore, the platform issued a Virtual In-Person Event Playbook on 21 July 2020. Today, LinkedIn publishes Brand and Demand Playbook.

LinkedIn Publishes Brand and Demand Playbook

LinkedIn’s Brand and Demand Playbook is a handy guide to marketing. It provides tips on how to balance brand building and lead generation. An Institute of Practitioners in Advertising study shows that the best marketing campaign is a 60% brand building and 40% lead generation. This is so-called the brand-to-demand strategy. The playbook highlights LinkedIn as a strong platform for marketing with its more than 706 million members. It also provides essential tools to help marketers in creating effective ads.

LinkedIn Toolkit

Audience Features. These are powerful demographics for more precise audience targeting. The facets include:

  • Company Name
  • Education
  • Interest and Traits
  • Job Experience
  • Location

LinkedIn also provides retargeting by engagement and listing.

Ad Solutions. These are the popular sponsored content and messaging ad format on the platform.

  • Single Image Ad for powerful product visuals.
  • Carousel Ads for swipeable brand stories.
  • Video Ads to capture the audience’s attention on campaigns.
  • Message Ads to spark immediate action.
  • Conversion Ads to lead professionals with a meaningful buyer’s experience.
  • Lead Gen Forms for the collection of quality leads.

Campaign Manager. This is LinkedIn’s advertising hub. It’s where anyone can create ads, launch, and test them. The 3 marketing objectives of such a tool are:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Conversion

LinkedIn’s Winning Combination for Marketing Objectives

The table below shows what LinkedIn suggests as an effective campaign combination. It highlights the use of video ads, visual ads, message ads, and lead generation forms.

LinkedIn has also cited some companies that successfully used them. They are: 

LinkedIn publishes Brand and Demand Playbook as of 01 September 2020.

Implications for Marketers:

LinkedIn’s Brand and Demand Playbook helps spark engagement and convert your audience interest into advocates. For marketers, this can be a good guide in shaping digital marketing campaigns. Take advantage of audience features for effective targeting. Use ad solutions to create meaningful content. And look into the campaign manager to reassess your campaign. The case studies and new data insights can be an eye-opener for brands to consider LinkedIn’s winning combination.


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