LinkedIn Adds New Profile Features and Tools

LinkedIn Adds New Profile Features and Tools

LinkedIn adds new profile features and tools for brands and businesses. To strengthen the campaign manager navigation, you can now showcase and even feature a newsletter on a LinkedIn profile. The founder of Geekout, Matt Navarra, reveals the new features via his recent tweets.

Group Analytics

Groups remain a questionable LinkedIn element. Yet, they offer a lot of value to Linked users. That is why LinkedIn adds group analytics under the group content of the view analytics tab.

Newsletter Subscribe Button

LinkedIn also adds a newsletter subscribe button on the featured section of a LinkedIn profile. The update applies to both creator and company pages.

Showcase a Link

Brands and businesses can now add a website link on a LinkedIn profile page. It will be prominently displayed between the username and description. The link is customizable to entice clicks.

Trim Mobile App Videos

LinkedIn users can now trim videos via the LinkedIn mobile app. Moving forward, the platform is looking to add more video enhancement tools.

LinkedIn adds new profile features and tools on 25 April 2022.

Implications to Marketers:

LinkedIn’s new profile features and tools make it easier for marketers to spark more click-throughs and sign-ups. As they offer new potentials for promoting products and services, they can ideally enhance the brand’s LinkedIn presence and increase traffic to their business websites.


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