Instagram Tests “Share a Snapshot”

Instagram Tests “Share a Snapshot”

A riding app is recently getting social media users’ attention. BeReal is a new social media app asking users to post unfiltered photos of themselves. That is why Instagram integrated its camera features with searchable maps to test “Share a Snapshot.”

Instagram Tests “Share a Snapshot”

Reverse engineering expert Alessandro Paluzzi tweets about the update. Instagram’s “Share a Snapshot” is an imitation of the BeReal app. The tweet shows a photo of a QR code, which Instagrammers can add to their post. Other users can scan the code with their smartphones to see a map view. The map view is the exact location of a sharer at a given time. When added to a dual camera upload, it is a perfect clone of a BeReal post.

Instagram tests “Share a Snapshot” as of 08 August 2022.

Implications to Marketers:

As Instagram tests “Share a Snapshot,” marketers can take advantage of local SEO marketing. Hopefully, such an update will not be a privacy concern for Instagrammers.


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