Instagram Tests Screen-Sharing on Video Calls

Online collaboration is very important among teams nowadays. Due to the pandemic, group video calls became an important part of a work-from-home setup. That is why Facebook is testing multi-peer AR to enhance such a tool. In July 2020, the king of social media started testing screen sharing via Messenger. Today, Instagram tests screen sharing on video calls.

Instagram Tests Screen-Sharing on Video Calls
  1. Screen sharing option

    During a video call, a screen sharing option will now be visible to selected Instagrammers. Once the user clicks the “Start Sharing” blue button, it turns off the camera and lets the video call participants see what is on the screen of the said user. 

    Instagram tests screen-sharing on video calls as of 31 December 2021.

  2. Implications for Marketers: 

    As Instagram tests screen-sharing on video calls, marketers can look ahead to getting more conversations on Instagram. Scree-sharing will allow brands to highlight their featured products and services.


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