Instagram Introduces New Messaging Features

Instagram Introduces New Messaging Features

Messenger API integrated with Instagram direct last October 2020. A new messaging experience was then launched in December 2020. It featured personal chat themes, vanish mode, and watch together. Today, Instagram introduces new messaging features.

Instagram chat upgrades

Browse and Chat

Reply while you are browsing IG feeds without the need to go directly to your inbox. An incoming DM will now appear in a drop-down panel, which Instagrammers can use to create a direct response. When an Instagrammer ta and hold the share button, they can easily reshare or send a DM to their closest friends.  Instagrammers can also see who is online through a green dot on the panel located at the top of your inbox.

Instagram Direct upgrades

Message Thread Experiences

Instagrammers can now customize message thread experiences with these new features:

  • Create a poll directly on group chats to decide where to go to dinner or what time your squad would like to meet up.
  • Lo-Fi chat themes make conversations on Instagram more personal.
  • Play, pause, and re-play will allow sharing a 30-second song preview on Amazon Music, Apple Music, and Spotify. Your IG friends can also listen to the song directly on the chat window.
  • Send messages quietly by adding “@silent” to avoid annoying notifications among friends during their busy times or late nights.

Instagram introduces new messaging features to selected countries on 31 March 2022.

Implications for Marketers:

DMs have become a staple of Instagram engagement recently. The new features enable better connection and conversation for marketers to boost product awareness and discovery.


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