Instagram Experiments on the Ability to Rearrange Grid Posts

Good news Instagrammers! Here’s another key update as promised by Instagram Chief Adam Mosseri. Instagram experiments on the ability to rearrange grid posts. That is after testing three different feeds in an IG account.

Instagram grid test

In the chronological feed of an Instagram account, posts like photos and videos are arranged according to the date they are uploaded. With the ability to rearrange grid posts, a user can edit and rearrange the posts on the grid any way the user likes. An edit grid button appears as an option under the “Profile Information” setting of an IG account. It allows users to re-arrange the grid based on their preferences.

Instagram experiments on the ability to rearrange grid posts as of 10 January 2022.

Implications for Marketers:

The ability to rearrange grid posts on Instagram can greatly help marketers highlight their key ads and featured products. As such, it can further boost engagement for a brand.


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