Instagram Combines DMs in Threads

As Instagram celebrates its 10th birthday in October 2020, lots of changes are made on the platform. It adds the IGTV Shopping and Stories Map. Then, expands anti-bullying measures on comments. Messenger Rooms were also linked to Instagram Direct. Before September ends, Messenger was integrated into the app. Today, Instagram combines DMs in Threads. 

Instagram Combines DMs in Threads

On 12 December 2013, Instagram launched Instagram Direct. It allows users who follow each other to communicate through private chats. On 04 October 2019, the platform introduced Threads. It’s a camera-first messaging app to share visuals by messaging close friends. Combining DMs in Threads allows access to all messaging on the said feature. This makes Threads a full messaging app with the possibility of replacing Instagram Direct.

The update now presents two inbox sections under threads. “Close Friends” display private chat with your most frequent contacts.  “Everyone Else” allows access to other Instagram accounts. One’s visible status displays by default within the close friends’ section. But notifications and statuses can be modified in both the inbox section’s settings. For now, Facebook’s Messenger integration isn’t available in Threads but the Instagram team is working on it.

Instagram combines DMs in Threads as of 07 October 2020.

Implications for Marketers:

Marketers should focus on the combined Instagram DMs and Threads. It’s a new option to passively connect with Instagram followers even if you’re not chatting. Sharing visuals of your new products and promotional updates can increase awareness and conversion. 



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