Instagram Adds “Data from Partner” Settings

Are you annoyed with spam feeds or messages on Instagram? You can now opt-out of third-party data usage on your account. Today, Instagram adds “Data from Partner” settings. 

Instagram Adds “Data from Partner” Settings

The “Data from Partner” settings allow users to choose whether to opt-in or opt-out with third party providers. As such, they will be able to receive more personalized ads based on their interests and preferences. This is similar to the Off-Facebook Activity Tool and limited data usage. Instagram explains that it uses data insights from third-party websites to personalize its users’ experience. As the platform further shifts to eCommerce, the new settings can help them maximize future direct sales and retargeting. All users will soon be receiving a notification about the new “Data from Partner” settings.

Instagram adds “Data from Partner” settings as of 16 November 2020

Implications for Marketers:

Instagram’s “Data from Partner” settings gives its user a better-personalized experience. For marketers, this calls for a need to advance their customer tracking activities. Once brands successfully determine their potential audience, it will open a more effective ad targeting and retargeting.



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