Facebook’s 2021 Report Shows Huge Decline In Daily Active Users

As Meta continues to offer users updated and new features on Facebook App, it has shown today that there is a massive decline in the number of users during the report at the end of the year 2021. Although there is an increase of 2 million active users from the third quarter, it was recorded as the slowest quarter-on-quarter growth rate in the application’s performance history. This performance result plays a huge role in the growth of the platform’s revenue. 

Facebook's 2021 Report Shows Huge Decline In Daily Active Users

This is a growing concern for Meta as it continues to lose millions of daily active users. The first time it happened was on the performance of one of the biggest social media platforms, Facebook. Although there is a decline in the user performance of the application itself, there recorded an added 10 million users thanks to Instagram and Whatsapp, two are also part of the “Family of Apps.” In this sense, Meta has refocused their target on younger users. 

Facebook’s Annual Report Published from Meta on 2 February 2022.

Implications for Marketers:

It is safe to say that it is still under observation whether it will be an ongoing trend or a huge increase that will be recorded at the end of the year. Meta also kept an eye on adding more features to its applications to attract more users. As for marketers using the Facebook application, there is a concern in the number of audiences, especially younger users who spend less time and are active on their services. With marketers who utilize Instagram and Whatsapp, it is a good sign for their businesses as the number of users within the applications continues to grow. 

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