Facebook Enables “Professional Mode”

Creators have been the heart of most social media networks. That is why they are innovating on features and tools to support them. Recently, LinkedIn introduced a creator mode. It allows LinkedIn creators to publish newsletters and start a live stream directly on the profile. Instagram, on the other hand, launched a “Professional Dashboard” among its creator profiles. Such a dashboard allows access to creator tools and tracks performances. 

Recently, Facebook added fan support features like Stars and new monetization tools for creators. Today, Facebook enables “Professional Mode” for profiles. It is an alternative platform to help emerging creators connect to the audience and glean insights. Through professional mode, a user no longer needs to create a business page to view page performance data such as follower growth, reactions, and shares. 

Facebook Professional Mode for Profiles

Reference: https://about.fb.com/news/2021/12/introducing-new-tools-to-support-facebook-creators-in-emea/

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