Facebook Updates Its Brand Safety and IP Protection Tools

Copyright infringement has been the focus of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube nowadays. Facebook has expanded its rights manager tool. Twitter expanded its brand safety partnerships. While YouTube allowed pre-publishing copyrights check. These steps are made to protect a creator’s right over their content. To further enhance such protections, Facebook has recently made updates on its brand safety and IP protection tools.

Facebook Updates Its Brand Safety and IP Protection Tools

Brand Safety Expansion

Under brand safety, Facebook now allows content right holders to earn revenue once their posts have been published on another page. This is through the integration of “allow list” and inventory filters in the Ads Manager. During the campaign creation flow, advertisers will be able to see if their content is included in claimed videos. As such, they can opt-out to use such copyrighted content.

New IP Protection Tools

Under the IP (Intellectual Property) Protection, new functionalities are added on the Commerce and Ads tool. Businesses enrolled under this tool can monitor listings under Facebook Marketplace and Shops for any content infringement. Facebook adds 2 functionalities on such a tool:

  • Image search functionality allowing a business to upload an image of its product and search for similar content within Facebook. It will now be easier for brands to claim IP infringement or discover counterfeit products.
  • Expansion of search results where businesses can see Shops selling the product both on Facebook and Instagram. This extends a brand’s ability to file IP infringement even on Instagram.

Facebook updates its brand safety and IP protection tools on 23 March 2021.

Implications for Marketers:

Facebook’s new brand safety and IP protection tools are a clear move to protect the creator’s rights on the platform. For marketers, this can also help them in the creation of original content. With such new tools in place during the campaign creation flow, they can avoid using copyrighted content that can harm the brand’s reputation.  

Reference: https://www.facebook.com/business/news/updates-to-facebook-brand-safety-controls-and-ads-ip-tool#

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