Facebook Tests Advanced Topic Exclusion Controls to Select Advertisers

Apple’s announcement of IDFA has stirred Facebook to create ways to lessen the impact of barring data tracking. To lessen its impact on ad targeting, the platform enabled a limited login mode among Creators. It also conducted a webinar about IDFA. Recently, the platform adds a supplementary prompt to encourage iOS users to allow data tracking. Together with this, Facebook tests advanced topic exclusion controls to select advertisers.

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On 14 September 2020, Facebook enabled brand safety control for videos. This allowed advertisers to exclude their videos in showing up to four general topics – gaming, news, politics, and religion. An advanced topic exclusion control is now being tested by the platform to select advertisers. This allows them to select topics they want to exclude their content to appear. For example, if a brand content is about children’s toys, brands can select “Criminals and Tragedy” or others exclusively for adult topics as part of the inclusion. Such exclusions will be effective on newsfeeds.

Facebook tests advanced topic exclusion controls to select advertisers as of 29 January 2021

Implications for Marketers:

Facebook’s advanced topic exclusion controls is another way to assure its users that their newsfeed won’t be showing irrelevant content. For marketers, this is a better way to boost ad effectiveness along with ad segmentation. By being able to choose the topics related to a brand, they can relate to the target audience and encourage engagement.

Reference: https://www.facebook.com/business/news/testing-topic-exclusion-controls-for-advertisers#

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