Facebook Reports Global Shifts Shaping the Future

A significant global change happened in the first half of 2020. The shocking spread of coronavirus has transformed businesses and lives in many ways. As such, Facebook reports global shifts shaping the future. They are a combination of internal Facebook insights, surveys, and third-party research. The report incorporates over 34,000 consumer responses.

Facebook Reports Global Shifts Shaping the Future

Five Global Shifts

The report shows 5 Global shifts. These are interesting colliding trends such as:

  1. Safer Shopping. The merging of grocery and online shopping is a global shift in how and what people buy. This shift is a result of the COVID pandemic. Around 71% of Americans noted that they decided to shop online for safety. Forty percent of shoppers around the world plan to keep shopping online beyond the pandemic. One notable trend today is BOPIS, buy online, and pick up in-store.
  2. Mindful Wellness. As people adjust to new ways of living, they turn to calming recreational activities. This is to counter the stress of the present situation. Such a global shift saw an increase in video calling to health care providers. In the U.S., 79% tried telemedicine. There’s also a remarkable 39.5x rise of interest in victory gardens
  3. Global Community. The lockdowns have created a new sense of dual identity. First, the idea of global citizenship reawakens. Around the world, people are 1,26x more concerned about global pandemic than their home country situation. Facebook has recorded a $100 million fundraising related to COVID-19. Second, there’s an increase in support for local businesses. From February to May 2020, local Facebook groups’ membership rises 3.3 times. There’s also an increase in local business searches by 23 percent.
  4. Gen Z’s Regeneration. Gen Z is an emerging generation comprising 25% of the world’s 2020 population. The pandemic has merged them with online platforms. There’s a 1.53x rise in online learning and 1.22x in online hobbies and pastimes. The pandemic also solidifies their support for environmental and social causes. In Europe, there’s a 54% growth of Gen Zs’ interest in activism and social campaigns. While globally, there’s a 1.21x increase in Gen Zs’ prioritizing environmental impact.
  5. Connected Convenience. This is the time of feeling together even when physically apart. Another global shift sees a merge in businesses and messaging apps. Globally, 40% of holiday shoppers consider purchasing to brands they can message online

Facebook reports global shifts shaping the future on 21 August 2020.

Implications for Marketers:

The 5 global shifts shaping the future highlight relevant information for digital marketers. Marketers should take note of these relevant pointers. They can use it as a marketing approach. BOPIS is a more convenient way to shop. Baking, gardening, and meditation are now an in-thing. There’s more opportunity for local businesses than ever. Gen Zs’ social consciousness also rises. So, brands should incorporate social responsibility into their campaigns. Last, marketers may need to focus on creative messaging. This strategy is the present and future of businesses. As such, focus on creating meaningful connections to the customers. 

Reference: https://www.facebook.com/business/news/insights/5-global-shifts-shaping-the-future-now


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