Facebook Publishes a “Creative Prototyping” Playbook

Facebook is finding more ways to help brands and businesses to level up their ads and campaigns. The platform published holiday tips and tools, especially for this Christmas Season. It has also launched Ads Strategies, an automation tool for better ad creation. Today, Facebook publishes a “Creative Prototyping” playbook.

Facebook Creative Prototyping guide

Facebook’s “Creative Prototyping” playbook is a 29-page guide on how to experiment, learn, and test gaming ads. It is an “Ask, Learn, Make, Adapt” framework designed for gaming brands that wanted to grow internationally. The playbook provides a creative template with step-by-step notes for game developers. It also has case studies, examples, flowcharts, and worksheets within the guide.

Facebook publishes a “Creative Prototyping” playbook on 08 September 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Facebook’s “Creative Prototyping” playbook can be a valuable asset among game developers. It is also worth exploring for marketers, in general, to learn how to maximize ads and campaigns. Some of the key elements in the playbook can be a valuable marketing approach this holiday season.

Reference: https://www.facebook.com/fbgaminghome/marketers/advertising/creative-prototyping?content_id=sYJOxokvSMPSmrc

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