Facebook Levels Up Content Moderation and Creator Support

Harmful comments and misinformation are some of the greatest challenges on Facebook. But the platform is set to improve the quality of comments people see in public posts. Among groups, the platform enabled engagement alerts and post controls. Today, Facebook levels up content moderation and creator support.

Facebook Live comment moderation

Content Moderation

Facebook now allows blocking a user and the new accounts they create to unhide harmful or unwanted comments. Still, the owner of a Facebook account can view all hidden comments by hanging the comment filter view on a post. 

Users can also hide comments based on keyword blocking. This feature will automatically hide any variation of the keyword using different numbers, spellings, or symbols. 

Currently, the platform is testing “Moderation Assist.” It is similar to Admin Assist for Groups where creators can set criteria to moderate comments. It can significantly reduce how much time one spent on comment moderation. The rule also allows one to hide images, links, and more.

Facebook live chat

Creator Support

Facebook is now testing a dedicated support site for a small number of US creators. It allows English-speaking creators to get help from any queries via live chat. Issues may range from Community Standards violations, new features like Reels, to pay-out questions. 

Facebook levels up content moderation and creator support on 10 December 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

As Facebook levels up content moderation and creator support, it is also helping marketers to better control and manage Facebook Pages. With these new tools, they can easily manage negative comments and create a more positive atmosphere within Facebook Pages.

Reference: https://www.facebook.com/creators/comment-moderation-and-support

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