Facebook Launches Options for Image Presentation to More of Its Users

Last October 2019, Facebook had already begun testing out new ways to present images on Facebook. With these new image presentation options, users could choose how to best showcase their photos.

Only a limited number of users were allowed to use the feature during its testing stages, but nowadays, more and more users are reporting getting the feature available for their accounts. It seems that the feature would be available to all Facebook users soon. On 14 July 2020, social media consultant Matt Navarra took to Twitter to  announce the new addition:

Facebook Launches Options for Image Presentation to More of Its Users

This means that users could then come up with ways of making their posts look more attractive and dynamic, depending on the image presentation option that they would choose. Currently, for users who have the feature, there are 4 different templates available for users to choose from.

Implications for Marketers:

While the feature is currently only available for personal profiles, it is highly likely that Facebook will make it available for Pages as well. When it is made available for Pages, it would give brands and businesses more ways to explore and come up with creative ways to display their content. An addition of this feature would allow users to look at better ways to showcase their products and services and find which types of visuals work best for their target audience.




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