Facebook Launches New Themed Visual Effects

A great feature of Facebook is its visual effects. They liven up conversations and keep people engaged through fun and light graphics. Facebook’s chat backgrounds and creative effects have been a great way to capture people’s attention. Chat stickers and themes like that of Pride Month and Star Wars create meaningful celebrations. Today, Facebook launches new themed visual effects. These features are exclusively on Portal in the UK and US.

Facebook Harry Potter effects

A new AR design that improves digital effect matching lets a portal user and 3 more friends transform as Harry Potter and the Cursed Child characters during a Portal-to-Portal video call. There are 12 available exclusive AR masks of these characters assigned randomly to each participant. Facebook AR will match the character based on your skin tone. Such AR masks will also be available on Facebook and Instagram cameras. Portal users can also utilize backgrounds such as Curtain Call, Edge of the Forbidden Forest, Hogwarts Great Hall, and Ministry of Magic on its photobooth.

Facebook Portal also expands the users’ choices on its  Story Time library. The new additions are: 

  • Build a Story where users can choose the hero, setting, conflict, and resolution.
  • Extra Ordinary Cafe that lets users create a customized multi-course meal. 

These new additions join fairy-tale classics like: 

  • Goldie and the Three Bear, 
  • Little Red Riding Hood  
  • Llama Llama 
  • Pete the Cat,
  • Three Little Pigs

Facebook launches new themed visual effects as of 07 July 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Themed visual effects are minor innovations on Facebook. But marketers should still consider adopting these tools to boost their presence on Facebook. It can open up new advertising opportunities and possibly sponsored features on Facebook Portal. 

Reference: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/facebook-adds-new-harry-potter-ar-features-which-utilize-new-skin-tone-sam/602987/

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