Facebook Launches First Accelerator Project

The biggest challenge among social media networks today is fighting misinformation. The king of social media itself is trying to find ways on policing them. Every quarter, it publishes a Community Standard Enforcement Report to update users about their actions. As Facebook appealed for online content governance, it imposed redesigned misinformation alerts and stricter rules on group interaction. It has even updated its content appeals by creating an Oversight Board. Facebook launches its first “Accelerator Project.”

Facebook’s “Accelerator Project” is a 10-week training program among fourteen of its third-party fact-checking partners. It is a project of Facebook Journalism. Beginning October, the following global fact-checker organizations will be submerged with the challenge:

Facebook’s “Accelerator Project” will be led by Blue Engine Collaborative, a consortium of media experts led by Tim Griggs. It will be built upon 4 pillars:

  • Funding of project execution to apply the lessons learned
  • Shared practice communities where people will work together to support each other’s progress
  • Virtual workshops from digital experts with hands-on exercises
  • Weekly calls with a dedicated, world-class expert coach

Facebook launches its first “Accelerator Project” on 26 August 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Facebook’s Accelerator Project” is another element to establish clearer parameters around the removal of content within the platform. This is a great option for marketers to better understand clearer rules on what is and what is not allowed on ads and campaigns.


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