Facebook Launches Campaign Ideas Generator

Facebook Launches “Campaign Ideas Generator”

Facebook aims to help businesses all over the world to strive and thrive. They proactively listen to what they need to create eCommerce solutions. The platform has been continuously providing free advertising and marketing training over the past years. Facebook heard that brands and businesses are looking for guidance on content creation. To answer such a need, Facebook launches “Campaign Ideas Generator.”

Facebook Campaign Ideas Generator

Find inspiration through customized Facebook Ads through Campaign Ideas Generator. To get started, all you need to do is select your business category or type. You can then choose to get campaign ideas anytime of the year or on chosen holidays and seasons. 

Campaign Ideas

The Campaign Ideas Generator houses “Ready to Go Ads” under ecommerce, consumer goods, and retail. These are copies and images that brands and businesses can use to kick start a campaign. An “Organic Post Pack” can help them keep engagement while they are not running an ad. They can also use DIY tools to create their own content.

Data and Insights

Brands and businesses can also get data and insights from the Campaign Ideas Generator. Based on chosen parameters, the results will show related data points about Facebook ads and campaigns.


Under the Resources tab, the Campaign Ideas Generator provides case studies to better guide brands and businesses with their marketing strategies.

Facebook launches “Campaign Ideas Generator” on 28 July 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Facebook’s Campaign Ideas Generator is a valuable tool if you want to keep your brain moving to seek directions for a marketing plan. It reduces blockers among marketers to come up with Facebook ads and campaigns that they can quickly launch. 


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