Facebook Explores Hashtag Use with Post Composer

Eagle-eyed social media specialist Matt Navarra has found Facebook’s new feature. The social media platform has been testing out its new hashtag listings by adding in hashtag usage stats into the post composer. The post composer can recommend tags to add to Facebook posts, and it ranks them according to relevance. 

Facebook Explores Hashtag Use with Post Composer

Predictive text can recommend tags when the hashtag symbol is placed on the post creation space. Now, it seems that Facebook is adding in a listing of how many posts on Facebook are already using that particular hashtag. 

Instagram already has this feature in its Explore page. It makes sense for Facebook to add this to its post composer to help users see which hashtags are most in use. Facebook has been pushing for the use of hashtags across the platform, so users can expect this feature fully rolled out soon.

Implications for Marketers

Marketers can use the information given by these hashtag listings to figure out the appropriate hashtags for brand postings. This could help in discovering the hashtags that would help campaigns reach more people. 




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