Facebook Enables More News Feed Controls

Recently, there is an ongoing debate on the negative impact of Facebook’s new feeds. The platform made it clear that their community standards are continually updating for the better. It rolled out a “Let Me Explain” video series to elaborate on how the news feed works. It has also enabled control tools and filter bars as it explored a more feedback-driven news feed to reduce political posts. Today, Facebook enables more news feed controls.

Facebook News Feed Preferences

News Feed Preferences

Facebook will start testing a new line of control options under its “News Feed Preferences.” These include:

  • Manage Favorites to prioritize your favorite pages and people’s posts.
  • Unfollow groups, pages, and people to hide their posts. 
  • Reconnect with groups, pages, and people that you have unfollowed.
  • Snooze your news feed on the desired setting.
  • Reaction Preferences to control the visibility post reactions on your post.

Topic Exclusion Controls

Facebook is also expanding topic exclusion controls. It allowed advertisers to exclude their video campaigns under 3 general categories – crimes & tragedy, news & politics, and social issues. It aims to avoid unwanted associations among brands. Soon, it will be available to more advertisers running ads in English. 

Facebook enables more news feed controls on 18 November 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Facebook continuously finds ways to level up users’ experiences in the platform. For marketers, this means the need for more personalized ads and campaigns. By applying such an approach, brands will surely occupy a better ranking among Facebook news feeds.

Reference: https://www.facebook.com/business/news/introducing-more-control-for-brands-and-people-in-feed

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