Facebook Eases Up Ads Disclaimer

Facebook has been challenged by political and social issues among ads and posts. That is why it enabled strong control of political ads. The platform also formed an Oversight Board to independently handle content appeals. This was on top of ad preference control among Facebook users. Yet, from time to time, the platform updates its policies and standards. Today, Facebook eases up ads disclaimer.

Facebook will no longer require a disclaimer among ads about social issues, elections or politics if it meets one of these three criteria:

  • The ad clearly promotes a product or service
  • The ad contains a CTA to avail or use a product or service
  • The ad’s purpose is to sell

The abovementioned criteria all boils down to the fact that if an ad clearly shows selling intention, it no longer promotes political and social issues. 

Facebook eases up ads disclaimer on 19 November 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

As Facebook eases up ads disclaimer, it is making it easier for marketers to promote products and services. Fewer restrictions mean less pressure to craft creatives that are highly customized for a target audience group.


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