Double Verify Expands YouTube Viewability and Fraud Verification to Boost Shorts Advertising Confidence

Double Verify, a leading digital media measurement and analytics platform, has announced an expansion of its services to include YouTube viewability and fraud verification for Shorts. This move comes in response to the rapid growth of Shorts, YouTube’s short-form video format, and the need for advertisers to ensure the effectiveness and authenticity of their ad placements.

With the increasing popularity of Shorts, advertisers are keen to tap into this emerging market and reach a wider audience. However, concerns around ad viewability and potential fraud have been a hindrance. Double Verify’s expansion addresses these concerns by providing advertisers with the tools to verify the viewability of their ads and detect any fraudulent activity.

The integration of Double Verify’s technology into YouTube Shorts will offer advertisers comprehensive insights into their campaign performance. Advertisers will be able to gauge whether their ads were viewable to users and assess the quality of ad impressions. Furthermore, the platform’s fraud verification capabilities will identify and prevent ad fraud, safeguarding advertisers from wasting budgets on fake or non-human traffic.

By providing viewability and fraud verification for Shorts, Double Verify aims to enhance transparency and build advertiser confidence in the platform. The ability to measure the impact of their ad spend and verify the authenticity of ad placements will enable advertisers to optimize their campaigns for better results.

Double Verify expands YouTube viewability and fraud verification to boost Shorts advertising confidence on 27 July 2023.

Implication for Marketers:

With Double Verify’s expanded services, advertisers can now navigate the Shorts landscape with greater assurance and focus on delivering engaging content to the right audience.


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