Bernie Wong’s Tips and Tricks for Marketing to Millennials

On 29 May 2020, Bernie Wong, owner and founder of Social Stand, was featured on an article by UpCity entitled Marketing to Millennials. The author, Jordan Stella, compiled 32 different tips and tricks from experts on how to efficiently and effectively market to millennials and what type of marketing strategies work best for them.

UpCity is dedicated to helping brands and businesses navigate the ever-changing world of digital marketing. Over 225,000 businesses visit UpCity monthly to consult and seek services from over 33,000 professionals and providers. 

According to Bernie Wong, in order to be able to effectively market to millennials, brands and businesses must have excellent, high-quality customer service. Millennials tend to have short attention spans, and being able to capture their attention and prove the brand’s value to them are the secrets to attaining a loyal customer. With these types of consumers, communication is key. 


Bernie Wong's Tips and Tricks for Marketing to Millennials


If you would like to read more of the article, you can read it here: 

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