Bernie Wong x Kaplan Discover 2020: 5 Tips for a Great Livestreaming Video

On 2 December 2020, Bernie Wong, owner and founder of Social Stand Limited, hosted a webinar for Kaplan as part of Kaplan Discover 2020: Embracing The New Normal. His webinar was titled, “5 Tips for A Great Live Streaming Video, How Brands Could Leverage Social Commerce for Business Rebound”, and it covered three main topics: how consumer behavior has changed during the coronavirus pandemic, tips for creating a great live streaming video, and how brands can leverage live streaming for their businesses.

Bernie Wong x Kaplan Discover 2020: 5 Tips for a Great Livestreaming Video

In his webinar, Bernie discussed the key features of a great live streaming show, and he used the work he has done with Marks & Spencer Hong Kong as a real-life example of a successful live stream. Marks & Spencer worked together with Social Stand Limited to produce a live stream show where experts sat down to do some wine tasting and food pairings. The event was a mega hit, with audiences giving positive reviews to both the brand’s and the experts’ social platforms. On top of that, Bernie also stressed the importance of creating live value, having a backup plan, using the livestream to its maximum potential, and having high-quality equipment when producing a live stream show.

Bernie Wong x Kaplan Discover 2020: 5 Tips for a Great Livestreaming Video

Kaplan Discover 2020 was held from 24 November 2020 to 3 December 2020. The event featured experts from many fields to discuss a wide variety of topics. You can read more about Kaplan here, and you can check out how Social Stand can help you produce a great live streaming show and help you leverage social commerce for business rebound here.aming channels as their new way to make business and mitigate the challenge brought by Covid-19. We are delighted to invite Mr. Bernie Wong, a very experienced digital marketer and the founder & director of social media agency, Social Stand, to share 5 tips on how to make a great live streaming video and how brands could leverage social commerce for business rebound.

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