YouTube Stops Email Notifications to Channel Subscribers

YouTube found that email notifications have little impact on video views on a channel subscriber. Fewer than 0.1% of them were opened. People even complain about them as contributing to overloading their inboxes. To pay attention to more important alerts, YouTube will stop email notifications to its channel subscribers.


As announced by Sarah Jeffery, Team Recorder at YouTube, they will stop sending email alerts about new videos to their channel subscribers. This means that subscribers will no longer be notified once a new video is uploaded to a YouTube channel. But they will still receive email notifications about their account and mandatory announcements. As per YouTube, they didn’t see any negative impact on a channel upon turning off these email alerts. What they foresee is better engagement from people. They’ll be enabling mobile push notifications and Subscription feeds.

YouTube will stop email notifications to its channel subscribers on 13 August 2020.

Implications for Marketers:

It’s a rare move when YouTube stops its email notifications to its channel subscribers. But this is a conscious effort that may bring better engagement to the digital platform. Marketers should find a way to encourage viewers to subscribe to their channel. Aim to provide consistent and valuable video content. For better exposure, upload video links on other social media platforms. Do this on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Marketers should also consider including a CTA on SmartReply. As such, you can keep viewers engage, and convert them into subscribers.


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