X Enhances Backend Performance and Deactivates Old Media Links

X has recently deactivated old media links as part of backend adjustments. These changes, while not directly impacting user-facing functionalities, are aimed at optimizing the platform’s performance and infrastructure.

Old media links, including images and videos shared on the platform, are affected by this update. While users won’t notice any changes in how they interact with the platform, these adjustments reflect X’s ongoing efforts to streamline its backend elements for improved efficiency.

For users and content creators, this update serves as a reminder to ensure their shared media links are up to date. As old links will no longer be supported, refreshing links within content, profiles, or external websites is essential to maintain accessibility and a seamless user experience.

Marketers should also take note of these changes to ensure their campaigns and promotions remain unaffected. Verifying that all shared media links in their content, ads, or communications are updated will prevent any disruptions in the user journey.

Although this backend modification may not be visible to users, it underscores X’s dedication to refining its infrastructure. By maintaining backend efficiency, the platform can continue delivering a smooth and uninterrupted experience for its users and content creators.

X enhances backend performance and deactivates old media links on 20 August 2023.

Implication for Marketers:

Marketers should be aware that X has disabled old media links for backend improvements. Although not affecting user-facing features, marketers should update media links in their content and promotions to ensure seamless accessibility. Staying proactive in verifying and updating links will help maintain a smooth user experience and prevent any disruptions in campaigns.

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