Twitter Tests “Automated” Labels for Bot Accounts

One main focus of social media networks this year is account verification. Facebook has recently adopted a new verification approach. Twitter relaunched public verifications last May but put it to a halt after a week. Account verification aims to eliminate bot and troll accounts. It is because they disrupt real connections within the platform. Today, Twitter tests “Automated” labels for Bot accounts.

Twitter bot labels

Twitter’s new “Automated” label will now show beneath a profile name. It comes together with the human-run account that manages it. The “Automated” label will also show in in-stream displays. Twitter looks forward that this may help users identify good bots and spammy ones. 

Twitter tests “Automated” labels for Bot accounts on 09 September 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Twitter’s “Automated” label can hopefully eliminate negative interactions. By eliminating artificial influences, it can boost the reliability of legit marketing within the platform.


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