The 7 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Today, more than half of the global population uses social media. An average user spends 2 hours and 24 minutes on different social networks daily. As such, social media platforms largely influence purchase decisions. It may be somewhat challenging for brands to campaign on these platforms. To better assure you that you’re on the right track, here are the 7 benefits of social media marketing.

7 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Three Girls Media is an American PR agency. The company releases an infographic about the 7 benefits of social media marketing. These are:

  1. It builds engaged communities. Social media groups are the best way to turn followers into brand evangelists. The key is to consistently engage with them.
  2. It complements advertising. Brands should constantly update their Page and content. It helps improve discoverability. 81% of audiences search for a business before buying.
  3. It fosters your creative voice. Social media is a marketplace for creativity. Images and videos have a huge impact on the audiences’ buying decisions.
  4. It helps search engine optimization. Updating social media content regularly keeps a brand’s relevancy on searches. As such, it improves SEO ranking.
  5. It provides a forum for customer care. 90% of consumers use social media to connect to brands. Through social media, brands can quickly provide help with their audiences’ needs.
  6. It provides authenticity. Brands can harness the power of content marketing to provide authenticity to their campaign. It helps to educate your audience first before converting them into customers.
  7. It’s cost-effective. Social media is the smartest option to combine with a marketing strategy. You can post updates as long as you want for free.

There are a lot more benefits that social media marketing offers. The 7 listed above are the most basic and common advantages.

Implications for Marketers:

Social media marketing is very vital today. 80% of marketers use it as the key strategy to a brand’s campaign. The key is to choose the right social media channel and goals. Best of all, consistently connecting with the audiences increases conversion and retention.


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