Snapchat Now Allows Scanning of Food and Wine Barcodes

Snapchat now allows scanning of food and wine barcodes. Such a move aims to help Snapchatters use the cameras in other ways than selfies. The American multi-messaging app now has 238 million daily active users. Which is why it’s now a potential platform for digital marketing. Recently, Snapchat rolled out AR lenses, Dynamic Ads, and video chats. These features aimed to help businesses monetize their campaigns.

Snapchat Now Allows Scanning of Food and Wine Barcodes

The new food and wine barcode scanners are like standalone scanners on physical stores. After pointing the camera on the camera on the barcode, you’ll see nutritional information, product prices, and tasting notes about the product. Some wine items may also display ratings and reviews. Besides food and wine barcode, Snapchat camera scanners can also help users:

Snapchat allows scanning of food and wine barcodes as of 22 October 2020.

Implications for Marketers: 

Snapchat’s scanners are a clear sign that the platform is building up an augmented reality site. For marketers, it’s a force that they should consider. They’re a new way to easily provide contextual info. Marketers should consider using these scanners to offer discounts and promotions. Such a trend may significantly affect conversion on campaigns.



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