Pinterest Introduces “Discover Creators” on Story Pins

Stories have been a popular type of content among social media networks. Facebook and Instagram have Stories. LinkedIn also has its Stories-version. Twitter has Moments. While Pinterest introduced Story Pins. What makes it unique from the rest is that it stays on a pinner’s account once published. Today, Pinterest introduces follower streams on Story Pins.

Pinterest Introduces “Discover Creators” on Story Pins

Since Story Pins were introduced on 23 September 2020, Pinterest is experimenting on how to boost it on the platform. It made Story Pins visible on the top panel of a pinner’s home screen. Today, the “Discover Creators” icon will also be visible on the top panel of the pinner’s home screen. It’s a place for pinners to find new Story Pins from accounts they followed and from new creators with new Story Pins. With these follower streams, pinners can discover engaging, informative, and inspiring content. 

A sample of these follower streams on Pinterest Story Pins are:

Pinterest introduces “Discover Creators” on Story Pins for Android and iOS users as of 26 January 2021.

Implications for Marketers:

“Discover Creators” is Pinterest’s way of boosting the discoverability of Story Pins. For marketers, this can help boost a brand’s visibility in the platform. With more than 422 million monthly active users, they can use Story Pins to better interact with the Pinterest community. With its extended life span, brands can highlight featured products on their Pinterest pages.


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