Pinterest and LiveRamp Announce Ad Targeting Data Clean Rooms

Pinterest and LiveRamp Announce Ad Targeting Data Clean Rooms

Pinterest has partnered with LiveRamp to implement data ‘clean rooms’ for chosen ad partners, allowing marketers to use first-party data for ad targeting without sharing it with Pinterest.

Clean Rooms handle data upload and encryption by ensuring user-level data is never directly shared. The approach allows businesses to show ads to people who already know both the business and the ad hosting site, while keeping the data separate.

Clean rooms allow ad partners connect their own data with platforms to facilitate more direct targeting and monitoring. Meta and LinkedIn have both implemented clean rooms to do the same.

Pinterest wants to expand its ad business to seize business opportunities. Pinterest advertising aren’t available in all locations, and the app is currently striving to improve targeting and performance to encourage more ad investment.

Albertsons will be the first marketer to use this new approach, Pinterest says.

Pinterest and LiveRamp announce ad targeting data clean rooms on 8 January 2023.

Implications to Marketers:

The new data collecting restrictions make this more difficult, so it’s fantastic to see Pinterest implementing new strategies to solve this and help businesses reach its 445 million users.


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