Pinterest Acquires THE YES

Pinterest Acquires THE YES

It seems that Pinterest is leveling up product discovery. The platform recently enabled an API version 5.3, cross-platform sharing of ideas pin, and partnership with WooCommerce. Today, Pinterest acquires THE YES.

Pinterest Acquires THE YES

THE YES is an AI-powered fashion shopping platform. It was founded by Julie Bornstein and Amit Aggarwal in 2018. Today, it is scaled as a daily shopping feed. Catering to hundreds of brands, the platform has already built an extensive following. During onboarding, users just click yes or no to various brands and products. It helps automate user preferences. As such, THE YES refines fashion item listing based on the user’s preferences.

Pinterest acquires THE YES on 01 June 2022 and the deal is expected to finalize before June ends.

Implications to Marketers:

As Pinterest acquires THE YES, it will provide a personal match for target users efficiently. It means boosting conversion and sales among marketers.


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