Meta Partners with Zefr

Meta Partners with Zefr

Meta is set to boost branding and Stories. Last December, the company introduced ODAX, an outcome-driven ad experience. Meta also partnered with 6 mobile apps for easier sharing of Facebook Stories. These include Anghami, B612, Kwai, Likee, Snow, and WeSing. Today, Meta partners with Zefr for brand sustainability.

Zefr is a global content adjacency technology leader. The platform uses advanced AI identification and scaled human reviews to provide safe placement controls between ad partners. As Meta partners with Zefr, it ensures that Facebook promotions will not appear alongside potentially offensive content.

Meta’s partnership with Zefr has undergone an extensive vetting process. Zefr will handle independent verification of adjacent content that suits ads in Facebook feeds. They will also find solutions to give advertisers a better understanding of brand sustainability.

Meta partners with Zefr on 17 March 2022.

Implications for Marketers:

Meta’s partnership with Zefr is a move to develop better brand safety and sustainability. It can help marketers maximize ad opportunities with more control over placement coverages.  


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